The Examining Life

Episode 3: Raphael's School of Athens

Welcome to "The Examining Life," a podcast of the Arts of Liberty Project. Hosted by Drs. Jeffrey Lehman and Andrew Seeley, the podcast covers both works from the Western tradition and contemporary events of interest. Lively, personal, and timely, "The Examining Life" contributes to the renewal of liberal education.

How ought we think of the fine arts, especially in the context of the Liberal Education Tradition? This week on "The Examining Life" podcast, Drs. Jeffrey Lehman and Andrew Seeley discuss Raphael’s famous School of Athens and its implications for education.

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Podcast Colloquy Image: The School of Athens

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Interactive Image

Explore the School of Athens more deeply with the interactive image put together by the Arts of Liberty project. Hover over various figures to learn more about them! The image is at the bottom of the "Galleries" page.

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