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From the Director

Dear Reader,

This issue of the Arts of Liberty Bulletin features different pieces related to literature, and arises from a number of providential connections. I encountered Arnold Bennett’s 1907 Literary Taste and How to Form It through my collaboration with Lisa Vandamme’s Read With Me project. Read More

Teaching Shakespeare to the Young: An Interview with Megan Lindsay

I enjoy attending conferences, especially when I have no responsibilities, and am just free to attend talks of interest, reconnect with old friends, and make new ones. At last year’s National Classical Education Symposium in Phoenix, I was free to feed my passion for Shakespearian drama.  Read More

Providence and The Lord of the Rings

File:El Señor de los Anillos lectura.jpgProvidence is often difficult to see, especially in the present, especially in the midst of great evils, especially for those fighting what JRR Tolkien called “the long defeat.” In similar times, Boethius needed consolation: his major complaint as he sat in prison facing death was that it seemed that the Lord who ruled the heavens and the earth did not rule in the affairs of men.  Read More

Literary Taste: How to Form it

by Arthur Bennet

At the beginning a misconception must be removed from the path. Many people, if not most, look on literary taste as an elegant accomplishment, by acquiring which they will complete themselves, and make themselves finally fit as members of a correct society. They are secretly ashamed of their ignorance of literature... Read More




Events of Interest

Folger Education is releasing monthly professional development webinars to help students get into the thick of it with language and literature.

Ave Maria Catholic Classical Conference (June 21-23, 2024) - The Ave Maria Catholic classical conference is ordered toward collegial investigation and articulation of principles and practices in the life of K-12 Catholic classical educators.

This year's call for papers seeks investigation of Catholic classical education in light of Marian Devotion.

Tournament of Laurels (June 25-29, 2024) - Students will compete and celebrate Latin and Greek. The quest for the Tournament Cup will require individuals and teams to compete in reading, oratory, poetry, the fine arts, Olympics, et cetera.


Further Enrichment

Visit Historical Libraries - If you're traveling in Europe (or Baltimore), visit one of these ten gorgeous historical libraries. If you don't have any trips planned, enjoy the video.

Between the Lines podcast - Emily Lehman and Boethius Fellow Joseph Tabenkin recently interviewed Dr. Andrew Seeley on their podcast. Together, they discussed the fall of Rome, the Medieval period, and attempt to learn what shift in ideas led to the Renaissance and Scientific Revolution.

Are you searching for the beautiful? Take advantage of Artcyclopedia. This search engine has 9,000 artists indexed to help you find the piece you're looking for, even if you don't know what it is. Search by artist name, medium, subject, nationality, title, museum, or museum name.


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April 2022

  • Preparing the Next Generation for Wisdom: an essay on the study of history
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March 2022 

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January 2022

  • Dr. Seeley’s experience at the Center for Thomas More Studies annual conference
  • An interview with Paul Boyer, an Arizona state senator passionately interested in liberal education