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From the Director

Dear Reader,

Over 25 years into the classical liberal arts revival, we are launching into a period of accelerated growth. My sense of this has been confirmed by recent participation in the Transforming Culture Symposium at Benedictine College in Kansas, and an Alcuin Retreat for classical education leaders at the University of Virginia on the theme of “The Academic Return of the Great Tradition.” Read More

Through the Lenses of Rhetoric: A Classical Look at Lincoln's Second Inaugural

In 2021, I taught a course on the Trivium for the first time, and have taught it several times since. There is nothing like teaching for learning, and I have learned a great deal as I have taught, especially about rhetoric. I had taught small portions of Aristotle’s Rhetoric before, but remained ignorant of most of it, and I knew almost nothing about later traditions of rhetoric. Read More

The Power of Art: Making the Ordinary Romantic

by Joseph Tabenkin

For quite a number of years now, art has become an important part of my life. One of the main values I take from art is its ability to change how I see the world. It helps me see beyond the ordinary and see essentials. Each branch of art can do this in a different way. Read More

Lincoln's Autobiographies

Abraham Lincoln wrote three autobiographies in a two-year period. This first, terse effort was prepared at the request of Charles Lanman, who was compiling the Dictionary of Congress... Read More





Events of Interest

Mini-Grants on Free-Market Economics - The Acton Institute is offering a grant to enhance the effectiveness in the research and teaching of market economics for faculty at colleges, universities, and seminaries across the United States and Canada. Complete the 4-page application by March 31st.

Teaching in Place: Education like your child belongs (April 26-27) - This pay-what-you-can virtual conference focuses on an education that teaches children to bring their education, their skills, their hopes, and their dreams to their community.

Summer Latin Immersion (July 1-7 & 21-27, 2024) - Do you want to improve your command of Latin? The Veterum Sapientia Institute's week-long workshops are for Catholics who want to add a living dimension to their study of Latin. Even if you have never studied Latin before, there is a workshop for you.


Further Enrichment

Hiring and Recruiting - Excellent teachers are the linchpin of the liberal education movement. In this hour-long town hall, learn from ICLE Dean of Academics Peter Crawford about recruiting to build a flourishing community.

Disputed Questions - What is classical education? Read answers from Dr. Andrew Seeley and 16 other leaders in the movement in the Classical Academic Press's first Disputed Question!

The Forest of Rhetoric (silva rhetoricae) - Sometimes it is difficult to see the forest (the big picture) of rhetoric because of the trees (the hundreds of Greek and Latin terms naming figures of speech, etc.) within rhetoric. This resource can help you understand everything about rhetoric, from specific definitions to the purpose of rhetoric as a whole.

Aristotle's Rhetoric for Everybody - In this free Arts of Liberty ebook, Scott F. Crider provides a simplified, Aristotelian account of rhetoric. It can help you improve your writing, your reading, your speaking, your listening, and, most fundamentally, your thinking.


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October 2022

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June 2022

  • The Spirit of Mathematics, on the difference between the classical and modern approaches to the study of mathematics
  • An interview with William Carey, teacher at Ad Fontes Academy


April 2022

  • Preparing the Next Generation for Wisdom: an essay on the study of history
  • An interview with Janice Martinez about her passion for teaching


March 2022 

  • A Dangerous Opinion, on the modern distinction between opinion and fact
  • An interview with Winston Elliott III, the president of the Free Enterprise Institute, founder of "The Imaginative Conservative," and a teacher at Houston Baptist University


January 2022

  • Dr. Seeley’s experience at the Center for Thomas More Studies annual conference
  • An interview with Paul Boyer, an Arizona state senator passionately interested in liberal education