• Speed: The sanguine is extremely quick to react. In the face of a challenge, they are often the first to offer a solution, although the solution may not be well-thought-out. Their speedy reactions make them optimistic and positive, yet they may overlook significant obstacles or lack attention to detail.
  • Intensity: This temperament has an intense emotional life. Their intensity gives life and enthusiasm in the face of a challenge, but it may also rush their judgment. Sanguines are the ‘life of the party’ and cheerful despite their challenges, but they can tend to be overly self-conscious.
  • Duration: The sanguine’s reaction is short-lived. While sanguines may start a project with great hope, they can lose interest in a project before it is actually finished. A sanguine may ‘bite-off more than he can chew.’ Yet, sanguines quickly correct themselves and forgive others easily.

Advice for Tempering

  • Virtues to seek
    • Speed: prudence, consideration, good judgment, foresight, forethought, self-knowledge, presence of mind
    • Intensity: temperance, sensitivity, calmness
    • Duration: fortitude, perseverance, patience
  • Vices to avoid
    • Speed: rashness, naivete, gossip, lying, mood swings, exaggeration, flirtation, hypocrisy
    • Intensity: vanity, insensitivity, overconfidence, anger, lust, gluttony, self-complacency, selfishness
    • Duration: superficiality, negligence, instability, fickleness
  • Dominant Passions to Bridle
    • Hatred
    • Sadness
    • Desire
  • Dormant Passions to Spur
    • Love
    • Calmness
    • Joy

Examples from Western Literature